Thursday, February 6, 2014

My journey into Nail Art

When I started nail art, I really never ever expected anything to come of it, because let's face it its just nail art. Boy was I ever wrong. I have always been into art and painting on canvas' and what not but never thought I could do it on my nails. I can remember the first design I did was actually on my toes. I thought to myself, "Hey this pretty easy". So after a few designs on my toes I kind of put it aside for a while. Then I forgot about it because hey let's face it life happens.

When I started back into it again in the summer of 2013 I hit the floor running. I became almost obsessed with it so much so that I was doing a new design everyday. I had and still have so much fun with it that I get excited when I can do another design on my nails.  Nail art to me is much more than hobby, it has become part of my life. Daily I think of what designs I want to do next and what I can do to improve my current skills as an artists. I have even started painting on canvas again which is something I have done for a few years now (since having kids that is) and am starting to enjoy creating art as I see it through my eyes.

When coming up with certain designs for nails I look for inspiration in everyday items. Clothing, fabric, pictures, and sometimes other nail artists. Something I have learned through posting my nails on Instagram is not to take peoples rude and hurtful comments seriously. I normally just delete them anyways and tell myself, "Boy are they jealous". I have never really dealt with bullying on the Internet, more so in real life and when I was in grade school. These days bullying comes in all forms and I try not to take it too seriously. All a bully wants to do is try to gain control of your emotions and get a response out of you. If you don't react or respond then they move on.

I don't see myself ever stopping creating nail art and teaching nail art through pictorials. I have enjoyed this chapter in my life and am so excited to see what the future holds.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


So sorry I have been MIA. With the holidays and everything else that normal people have going on life just gets busy. I am hoping to in the next few weeks I can do pictorials/tutorials for you all. I have a few items I am going to review as well. For now I will post some of my favorite holiday nail art that I have been posting to my Instagram. These designs were super easy to do, all you simply need is polish and a good detailing brush. If you have questions on what brushes I use and where you can find them let me know. Hope all of you are well and hope all of you have a wonderful holiday!

Let me know if you have any questions. Again, have a great holiday and hugs and love to you all!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving themed Nail art!!!!

Some people think of Thanksgiving as a time to eat some really good food and eat a lot of it, but its really about being together with your family and sharing memories that will last a lifetime. In my family, we started a new tradition about 4 years ago by doing the Turkey Trot. The Turkey trot is a simple 5K run or walk that is held on Thanksgiving day in the morning in downtown Dallas. Its usually really cold so we all bundle up and get our workout done before all the fun family festivities begin.

This nail art is a simple Fall themed nail design using fall colors with different colored fall leaves. I really enjoyed doing this nail design and hope you do too! What are your traditions during this time of year? Hope you all have a great holiday and an even better Thanksgiving! Love to you all!